What Are Two Types Of Intangible Property That Can Be Associated With A Licensing Agreement

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The same rules apply to a license. If a business has to pay monthly or annual royalties that coincide with the end of the corporation`s fiscal year, the corporation does not record a license value. The fees paid by the company for these licenses are included as an expense. If the license is valid for several years or billing periods and is acquired by paying an initial royalty, the license is recognized as an asset on the balance sheet and its value is equal to the cost of acquiring the license. There are two types of assets called tangible and intangible assets. Tangible assets are generally physical assets or assets of a business, . B computer equipment. Mechanical fixed assets are the main type of asset that firms use to manufacture their products and services. Moreover, it should not have breached any of the conditions of those subsidies, and they should still be valid at the time of sale. Although a copyright is associated with a tangible work because it is a legal right, it is also classified as an intangible asset and can be included in a company`s balance sheet. The healthcare sector tends to have a high proportion of intangible assets, including brand names, valuable employees, and research and development of drugs and treatments. However, a company may not recognize the goodwill it generates for itself. Using the same example, suppose the company was not acquired, but was worth $100 million and still had $80 million in assets with $30 million in liabilities.

The company would not be able to capture the $50 million in goodwill on its own balance sheet. Goodwill can only be recognised if an entire company or part of a company is acquired at a price higher than the value of its assets. Assets can be divided into different types based on inventory, e.B. is a tangible asset that, when used, is included in the cost of goods sold for a business. The cost of goods sold represents the costs directly related to the production of a good. If the stock is depleted in the production process, it is recorded in the cost of goods sold. .