Vpn Agreement

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We reserve the right to make changes to our Terms of Use. In this agreement, „YOU“ means the b.VPN service user/client of bvpn.com. The term „WE“ or „US“ means bvpn.com service itself. The purpose of this Directive is to provide guidelines for Remote Access Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections with the NC State University network. By using b.VPN`s „Virtual Private Network“ anonymous browsing service, you agree to understand, accept and accept the following terms of use: A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure private network connection based on a public network such as the Internet. 5. VPN gateways/concentrators are configured and managed by ITS. 3. Dual (divided) tunnels are not allowed; Only one network connection is allowed. Authorized TRUMAN teachers, employees, and third parties (customers, providers, etc.) can enjoy the benefits of a VPN. An existing Internet connection is required and is not offered by TRUMAN State University.

While DFÜ access can use a VPN connection, performance is very slow and is not recommendedas as requests must be provided to the IT service desk. The authorization is based on a proven need for remote VPN access. No reasonable request is denied, but the process is necessary to account for the use of VPN services. Appeals can be made through normal channels. In addition, you do NOT use our Service to promote or promote criminal activity of any kind. Given your use of the site, we are committed to providing you with the best VPN service with optimal privacy and minimum downtime. You do NOT use our Service to sell, sell, transfer or distribute child pornography or illegal materials to others. Recognized NC state faculties, staff, and students can enjoy the benefits of a VPN which is a „user-administered“ service. This means that the user is responsible for selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP), coordinating the installation and installing the required software.

. This directive regulates the use of all VPN services for the NCSU network and users must comply with the computer use regulation. To ensure security, VPN services are immediately terminated when suspicious activity is found. The service can also be disabled until the problem is identified and fixed. Any NC State employee who has intentionally violated the VPN`s acceptable use policy is subject to loss of VPN permissions. We reserve the right to terminate your account without notice or refund if we receive complaints from Internet service providers, businesses or users about illegal activities on your account. We cannot guarantee the speed of your Internet connection. We also cannot guarantee that you will have interrupted Internet service caused by your Internet service provider. Indeed, we have no control over the development of the Internet in your region of residence. . 2. When the VPN is actively connected to the TRUMAN network, it forces all traffic to and from the desktop through the VPN tunnel: all other traffic is ignored.

You are fully responsible for all activities that affect your account with us. You must respect and accept all risks of breach of a fiduciary relationship, local, state, national or international laws. We reserve the right to discontinue service within two weeks with only one notice. Refunds are only available for the service period purchased after the date of termination of the service. 11. By using VPN technology with personal devices, users acknowledge that their machines are a de facto extension of the TRUMAN network and, as such, are subject to the same acceptable use policy that applies to TRUMAN-owned devices. Therefore, these systems must be configured to comply with ITS security policies. We will not be liable in any form for damages of any kind (realized or unrealized) resulting from the use or during the use or use bvpn.com the service relating to a registered user In any case, bvpn.com will never be liable for financial damages beyond what the user has paid to bvpn.com. . . .