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The evaluation criteria for achieving the objectives are more transparent and the personal development goals of the staff are taken seriously in the company. The feedback from the superior informs the employee of his strengths and weaknesses of a reasonable basis. In objective interviews, staff members can express concerns and wishes and provide feedback to the supervisor. Employees have an idea of their goals, through a partnership, which has a positive impact on the work environment. In addition, the employee has the opportunity to earn above-average income. One drawback for the employee is the risk of losing the bonus of the agreement by goals if he does not achieve the goal. [11] The most obvious advantage of objective cost contracts is that they are able to coordinate the interests of the contractor and the client. Since both parties win or lose at the end of the project, they both have a common interest in keeping the actual cost of the project below the original estimate. Completed – The indication of the target date to reach the destination conditions is complete. There are high costs associated with implementing and implementing a system of objective agreements in a sustainable manner. The framework objectives must be defined and a comprehensive approach to the company must be developed. Staff must be informed and involved. Even managers and the city council may need to be informed and involved in the process.

In addition, executives must be trained in their new tasks. It takes not only a lot of capital, but also enormous time resources to create a system of objective agreements and a lasting agreement. An agreement on objectives is a leadership instrument that is the result of teaching management through objectives. [2] Objective management in this context means maintaining staff by objective. The company`s philosophy gives impetus to the formulation of strategic objectives which, in turn, translate staff objectives into operational objectives. The objectives of the higher level are the longer-term orientation and direction of a company`s objectives. The lower the goals in the hierarchy, the more short-term and more specific they are. It should be noted that each type of target based on the overall goal should be to ensure that the company acts as a targeted set. Agile contracts will be signed provided that contractual terms are likely to change during the project and that both parties will cooperate to adapt them if necessary. Just as both parties contribute to the costs or savings of target cost contracts, agile contract management implies that both parties are responsible for the success or ultimate failure of the project, allowing for cooperation in the best interests of both parties. Since objective cost contracts are a strong incentive for the contractor to stay below budget, they tend to have other positive effects on the project.