Short Form Patent License Agreement

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The licensee undertakes to pay to the licensor, from [DATE] and after that date, during the continuation of this Agreement, royalties for apparatus containing and containing the above-mentioned inventions manufactured, sold and issued by the licensee; and those royalties shall be calculated as follows: a sum based on a rolling scale and which decreases in line with the increase in the licensee`s turnover in a financial year, according to the following timetable: [SPECIFY]. If a confidentiality or confidentiality agreement has been entered into by the parties and remains effective for the duration of the license agreement, nothing else is necessary. If this is not the case, a section dealing with confidentiality conditions may be included in the license agreement. If the previously agreed confidentiality agreement is weak, it is time to strengthen it and ensure that these terms prevail in the license agreement over previous agreements! This Agreement shall bind and apply to the assigns and assignees of the licensor and may be transferable, transferable and linked to the benefit of the licensee`s assigns and assignees. Your agreement may require a section relating to license limitation regarding the domain, territory, rights of the previous licensee and the commercial rights of the licensor. A lawyer can help ensure that all of these restrictions are properly described in your license agreement. Access to innovation at Harvard should be as simple as possible. Our licensing agreements are fair and reasonable, and experienced OTD employees work with you to help you achieve your business goals. To give you an idea of how these licenses take shape, we are happy to provide you with a number of model agreements here. If you have any questions about these models, please contact us. One. The licensor is the sole and exclusive owner and has the exclusive and exclusive right to issue licences under [LAND`s] mail patent granted to him, in particular [NUMBER] entitled `[NAME]` and [NUMBER] entitled `[NAME]`.

These sections deal with how previous infringements committed by the licensee are dealt with; in the event of infringement of the intellectual property of third parties, the manner in which such infringement is dealt with and where there is recovery of the infringement, as shared between the licensor and the licensee. The exemption granted by the licensee`s licensor to operate under IP rights is also covered. A good lawyer can help you clearly describe these details in your license agreement! With regard to exclusive licensees, another question that the licensor must consider is whether it wishes to be able to exercise the intellectual property rights for which it envisages the granting of an exclusive licence, since the reservation of the right to exercise the intellectual property rights in question vis-à-vis the licensor does not render the licence exclusive. . . .