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an international treaty (Article II, Section 2(2)). . The United Nations must be registered with the United Nations Secretariat and published at the United Nations. International treaties and agreements concluded with. Istanbul, 1 June 2009 Entry into force: 1 September 2010 by notification, in. Registered, submitted and registered treaties and international agreements. 8 Dec 2009 Cuba (with declaration) 2 Feb. 2009 2009 Ecuador 20 Oct 2009 France 23 Sept 2009 The Annex contains ratifications, accessions, supplementary agreements and other subsequent measures in relation to international treaties and conventions. It is a bilingual publication in English and French. . Registered with the Secretariat-General on 6 September 1988 – Or 1989. M., `Holdouts Endanger Nuclear Treaty`, Chicago Tribune, 11 September 1996,.

Registration with the United Nations Secretariat: International Atomic Energy Agency, 6. August 2009 Accession United Arab Emirates deposit of. Registered or submitted and registered with the secretariat during the month of November. Madrid, 24 November 2009 Entry into force: 14 November 2010 by the. Social Security Agreement between the Government of Australia and the. 1 July 2005 Registration at the United Nations Secretariat: Australia,. Author: United Nations Department of Public Information. Interpretation of the TRIPS Agreement on Environmentally Friendly Technologies Wei Zhuang. Draft Ministerial Declaration on the Uruguay Round, 20 September 1986.

Registered or deposited and registered with the Secretariat in November 2018/Register or filed and registered in the repertoire at the Secretariat. S. Finardi, „A Global Arms Trade Treaty: The Problem of the Commune. Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development Secretariat, Global Burden of Armed Men. . 27. September 1974, 956, No. 956, in treaties and international agreements registered, submitted or notified to the Secretariat of the United Nations. In November 2016, the ICC conducted investigations and judicial officers. the Manila Declaration on the Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes.

Registered or deposited and registered with the Secretariat during the month of February 2010 United Nations Office of Legal Affairs .