Exclusive Right To Sell Listing Agreement Utah

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(2) SCOPE OF THE AGREEMENT. This Agreement applies to the Seller`s real estate, which is referred to as:______ (the „Listed Property“). This Agreement also applies to all brokerage services ordered by seller, whether as part of a brokerage plan („brokerage plan“) or in the form of additional services selected by seller. 14. SELLER`S AUTHORIZATION. The Seller hereby grants the Broker the right to do: a. The listed property is both put up for sale on all MLS on which the broker places, and promote the listed property for sale on the Internet, by mail and by any other legal form(s) of advertising. b. Disclosure to MLS of seller information that must be disclosed to make the listing of real estate listed in MLS, whether or not such information is considered private by seller. c. In order to discuss with potential buyers or representatives of the buyer the sale of the property on the list and to obtain and forward offers to the seller and refuse to the public that the broker, the main broker and / or agents related to the real estate agent have a list on the property listed.

d. Keep the keys of the property listed and enter it at the times indicated by the seller that the listed property is available for view. e. In order to disclose to MLS the terms of the sale at closing. f. To communicate with the seller, to offer for sale additional products or services related to the sale of real estate and to use the information on the form of registration for this purpose. g. To place „For Sale“ brokerage signs in the yard or in the windows of the listed property. h. To install a key kit or other device that helps the broker give or not access to the listed property to other non-brokerage real estate agents who may or may not be members of MLS or the Utah Association of Realtors.

i. Hold open houses to assist in the demonstration and sale of the property classified j. To keep on the fiduciary account of the principal broker serious funds that can be deposited with the principal broker before the closing of the sale of the property on the list. Any Earnest Money can be paid into a paid fiduciary account and interest can be paid into the Utah Order of Home Warranty plan. k. Order a preliminary report on the title to the property listed. L. Order a warranty plan. Nothing in this section above obliges the broker to provide services outside the scope of the brokerage plan or other services purchased by the seller.

If the seller wishes to prevent the broker from participating in any of the activities mentioned above, the seller must inform the broker in writing of this choice. The broker can then determine whether the brokerage plan(s) or services purchased by the seller are still available or whether the brokerage plan(s) or services available to the seller should be limited. The Utah Listing Agreement is a legal document that sets out the conditions under which a real estate agent is allowed to sell real estate on behalf of a real estate owner….