Asti Haddington Road Agreement

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The Association of Higher and Public Officials voted in favour of the agreement by 64% to 36%. For example, if trade unions decide to end cooperation with changes in working practices, such as. B the 33 hours of overtime they had to work each year under the previous Croke Park deal, they could be in conflict with the government next year. „These include a freeze on entries, the loss of specific salary improvements and reinstatement of teachers` salaries, other specific benefits for temporary and part-time teachers, as well as other protections under the collective agreement, such as forced dismissals,“ the spokesman said. The new bill would also provide that union members who have rejected collective agreements like Lansdowne Road will gradually lose increases by July 2018, if they move up the pay ladder. These can range from several hundred euros to more than 2,000 euros in some cases, depending on where an employee is on the scale. „Medical laboratory scientists are the latest group to accept Haddington Road`s new agreement on utility payments.“ (more) „The HRA was extended until 2017 by the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) and these hours are an ongoing part of the agreement,“ a spokesman said. The majority of members of the Irish Federation of University Teachers approved the revised public sector wage agreement. Given that this is an employment relations agreement and is not part of fempi, the government could decide to postpone the payment in the first phase of almost 800 euros, due next year, in the face of the vote to reject Lansdowne Road. The two unions, which represent secondary school teachers, voted to reject the Lansdowne Road deal. Although ASTI and the Teachers` Union of Ireland (TUI) rejected the LRA, the ministry said all unions that are part of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) are considered parties unless they oppose the agreement.

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