Arc Standard Grant Agreement

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B1.4 The Future Fellowships Funding Opportunity helps excellent mid-career scientists conduct quality research in areas of national and international utility. 5.11. We calculate project and application limits at the time of application and can identify this limit if other grant opportunities are announced in: 9.15 in total. You can name up to three people you don`t want by filing a „Request Not to Assessment“ form, as described on GrantConnect and on the CRA website. We must have received this form two weeks before the aid deadline. g. ISC provides the CEO with recommendations on which funding applications to approve, which applications should not be accepted for funding and the amount of funding and duration of each grant. The CEO may submit funding recommendations to the Minister based on a number of assessments. b. the possibility of funding projects and obtaining scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers and to include an Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Award (DAATSIA); and .dem Ministers make grant recommendations that meet the national test of interest and are eligible for funding.

9.7. We have procedures in place to manage organizational and personal conflicts of interest for retail evaluators, ISC members, and CRA staff. Details of these procedures can be found in the corresponding section of these grant directives and in the CRA`s Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Directive. B3.8 To be eligible, the candidate must, as at the deadline for authorization, 11.2. We use the Arc Discovery Program Grant Agreement, which contains standard terms that cannot be changed. The draft grant agreement is available on GrantConnect. Any additional conditions related to the financial participation are indicated in the grant offer. 13.12.

We may visit you during or after the completion of your project to verify your compliance with the grant agreement. We can also view the records that you must keep in accordance with the grant guidelines and the grant agreement. We will adequately inform you of any compliance visits. 8.12. You must attach to the application form supporting documents that comply with the instructions contained in these guidelines, in the form or in the instructions for applicants. You should only attach the requested documents. We will not consider information in appendices that we do not request. h. The ECO will submit recommendations for assistance to the Minister, who will decide which applications for funding will be accepted. . .